Sometime this year I was under management and it was fun whilst it lasted. They organized a performance for me and I was excited until I saw the poster. You know how the poster tells you EVERYTHING about an event. Yep I knew it was not a pro thing but at least they had made an effort right. So I prepped for it overtime and hope for the best. Fingers crossed!

The night finally came and I remember me being called up on stage after a set of boys who seemed to be well known at the place. My heart skipped a beat because I wondered if I would excite these people, they did not know me. The artist in me jumped out and before I knew it I had people singing along to songs they had never heard. The highlight of the night was Ntswempe, even when I was done with the song they kept singing it. I had people getting out of their seats to dance. Me, a whole little me! I did not want this moment to end but nothing lasts forever right? 

I will never forget that night. Unfortunately none of my managers took the time out to take photos or videos of me performing. Maybe they were dancing too? I will never know, but hey I thank them for the opportunity they gave me. We had to part ways because well, it was not working! Can not wait for more of these experiences to be honest, until then Ciao!

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