On many days my days are real, when I say real I mean I just can’t do life. I don’t want to deal with it, I don’t want to think about it. I’m just not in it. And then you think let me talk to someone, they just might have me feeling better.. *croak*

This may come off as a rant but listen I’m good with the ‘it’s going to be ok, stay positive,’ type of listeners. Let me explain why. It makes me feel like you listened to respond other than listened to understand me. It’s as if you just wanted to hear the bull I’m going through and have some tea to spill later. Am I needy?? Maybe I am, but I appreciate being cuddled in my feelings before you shoot to your tag line.

Then there are the story tellers, I’m guilty for this. 100%, I hate it but do it at times without realising that I am even doing it. Listen, I don’t relate to your story, I relate to mine now go on put your damn feet in my shoes and feel these emotions. For a second make this about me because IT IS!! Fight the urge to go down memory lane, it’s not the time!!

The worst for me are the ones that clearly want the tea and are also real busy in that moment. But because they like things they want you to speak then they respond with a laughing emoji. B!? What!? A laughing emoji!? Is you for real right about now!? From here on your apology means nothing, you can go all the way over there and be laughing yourself to one friend less on your list. Men usually take the cup for this one tbh. And I have reason to believe they enjoy it so much, it’s crazy.

1. The art of a good conversation is in listening and not merely in responding. The sooner we realise this the better, don’t be the reason the person feels worse after trying to talk it out. Don’t do that, that’s opening a door to your way to hell. I kid but still, DON’T.

2. If you busy then be busy. ‘I’m sorry babe, right now is not a good time I will text/call you as soon as I am free.’ Did you die?? Did your fingers break!? Brain freeze!? Yeah, I thought so.

3. Save your stories for the time when the person is at least laughing a little on some, ‘boy did you just take me down memory lane, remember 2016.’ Then and only then will this person start to relate to your drama. Be sensitive!!

Now that I’m done ranting, go on rant further in the comment section. I probably missed a little something.. Ciao!

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