This will definitely shock those that think of Africa as a country that has naked people roaming on it, with no infrastructure. Those that believe we know each other and stay in caves surviving through hunting and gathering. The very people that think we don’t know what money smells like.. Yeah, this one is for you.

See the Africa they rarely write about is the Africa that has rich people and not just rich in their wallets buy rich in their hearts and minds too. Can you believe that Africa has the power to help itself? To change another person’s life without calling on you? We do this every other day, its just nobody really writes about it. Let me give you an example.

Quite recently in Zimbabwean Twitter, someone tweeted about a young man who had passed his A level and had a dream to go to university. He could not go because his mother could not afford to take him to school. He had chosen to do something with his life to survive, he sold newspapers. Painfully sad, right?

What if I told you that AFRICANS came together to help him. That as we speak, he has his clothing, tuition, food, accommodation and printing expenses covered. That people came together and made sure he had bedding and was set to start his new life and make his dream come true.

This is who we are as Africa. We are a people who are rich with love! It makes us richer than many. CIAO!

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