One bottle, two bottle, three bottle, four. We singing cheers to the freakin’ weekend because we deserve it. I know I said I was only doing one but hey the throat doesn’t have a clock out time does it? The alcohol in my system got me feeling like I am somebody today, it has left me with some rhythm in my feet. The music is louder in my head, it feels so good. Call me Confidence, it is who I am as this liquor runs in my blood, oops I lost my footing. Can’t really mouth my words but I hope you get what I am saying to you. Can’t keep my eyes wide open, but I see the beauty in the stars, they are so close today. I am stumbling a little but I promise to get you were we are going, or not. I hope you will forgive me it was my first time drinking, I guess this the drunk they spoke of. I am fading and I can’t help it.

He is weak, 4 bottles and he is out. The night is young, the good is only about to begin. This table can’t be empty ever, I worked a couple of hundreds today we blowing them. Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow, didn’t the bible say. Tonight we drink until the pockets run dry. 12 is a dozen, I could use double the dozen, add a little whiskey for later. My insecurities and troubles will drown today, they need to wear off. Allow me to forget the abusive words that were handed to me involuntarily. Allow me to feel good about myself in this space, I am king here. My money and my tolerance speaks for me tonight. I reign in this very kingdom, nobody can tell me otherwise, EVER! Hey, has anyone seen my phone?

‘Samsung s9, just give me $200 for it, it’s all good mate.’ My craving isn’t satisfied, my body shakes in this heat. I see you looking at me weird but it’s something none of you really understand. Your eyes jab at me, it doesn’t scare me anymore, it’s the thought of running out of alcohol that scares me. They call me an alcoholic and I think that is crazy, I mean they buy food daily what does that make them, foodholics? Never mind them, let me head back in before my cousin notices I am missing. This whiskey almost did it, but I need that cut for the level I am at before I continue tonight. They drinking for tonight, this is my lifestyle. I wish they knew how perfect life feels when alcohol is your best friend, human beings are filled with judgement. They talk so much and make no sense. Sense lives in this beverage, I will kill to get a sip!


(Challenge given by McPotar- The difference between a drunk person, a drunkard and an alcoholic.)

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