In a place she used to call home..

Tick tock goes the clock, wait there is a clock?

Scanning the room she realises there is no clock..

That is just her mind counting down  the time she has to leave..

Time seems to be stuck and she cant sit still..

She tries to silence the clock in her head but it only gets louder..

‘SHUT UP!’ she yells.

The entire room turns to her, could she possibly explain herself..

Apology sips from her eyes, and they let it pass..

She paces from one room to another, hoping time will move a little faster.

The time Gods were not on her side, time was frozen.. Frozen..

Their voices do not sound the same..

Their eyes don’t feel the same on her..

Has she become that person she never wanted to be..

Has her time really come to an end, the hour glass is out of sand..??



Her heart bursts and it’s lava dries up..

Image result for volcano eruption

Point of no return..

It was all over, she didn’t belong..

Like glass her world had broken to pieces never to be mended..

Like snow their hearts were cold towards her..

Bury her heart.. Bury her souls.. Bury her hope..




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