Day 2 is all about a tv show that was released this year, listen I did not watch one that was released this year. I did discover one this year that was released years back. It is really the best worst thing I have ever watched. I stopped at episode 3 because I could not take it anymore. It is a series called THE GOOD PLACE. 

So this woman dies and wakes up in the good place, its not heaven and it is not hell. It is just the good place. In this place they have a profile of your life when you were still alive, including how you died so they design a house that suits your character. Wait for it, the even pair you with your soulmate. They are matchmakers even, I can’t can. However it turned this woman did not belong there because she was not a good person. She then told her ‘soulmate,’ the truth who then tried to help her to be good but she was just a selfish human. It was hard to convert her to goodness. Her presence started to cause havoc in the good place because she was a bad seed.

I was not the target market to be honest. Half the time I was cringing and bible verses were playing out in my head. You can go ahead and try it, mina ANDIZI! Ciao!

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