The Importance Of Accepting Love

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 4 comments

‘How do you know that it is love?’

There is no way to scan someone‘s heart to know whether their emotions match yours. So we measure love through deeds and actions, a tricky measure but it is all we truly have.

However, past experiences have a way of coming around to sabotage the new things in our lives. You may find that you know very well that you have found a new love and it is beautiful but you find yourself repelling it. You won’t allow this person to love you, you will block them with every chance you get. I find it to be a matter of fear but then the more you push the person away the more they become weary of trying. That poses a threat to your love life and so you need to fix it.

It feels safer not to accept the love because if it does not work out then you wouldn’t hurt as much. That is what we believe but it will hurt because we know very well that you have lost someone that truly loved you. Nobody wants to be rejected because they love you, how do you say no only to act as though you said yes. I always stress the need to heal before getting into a new relationship, it helps to get over negative emotions. You start off on a clean slate when you decide to go back into the dating world.

Accepting love does the following for you:

*It makes you happy – the joy flows so easily and the thing is because I have been in a space where I tried to fight love, I know how the happiness scares you a little. But the reality is, you deserve to be happy so just be!

*It makes you hopeful – hopeful for a better day, for a better tomorrow could be because you are in it with a second party. It closes down the doors of fear because you are not doing life alone.

*It keeps you inspired – you want to do better for a better standard of living and to reach the goals that you set with your partner. You are each other’s accountability partners so what could blur your lines.

*It makes you feel invincible – nothing seems impossible for you anymore. You may find yourself going for things you never imagined you would. Isn’t love beautiful?

*It makes you selfless – your world becomes of more than just you, you have a partner. You constantly have to consider their feelings when doing things and naturally you do not want to hurt them. So you make decisions that make both of you comfortable and keep both of you happy.

*Brings out the best version of yourself – every point mentioned about ties into allowing you to be yourself. Opening yourself up to someone like that feels like a major risk, but think of it as something you are doing for yourself instead. What the other person decides to do with that is a reflection of their true self too.

What are we agreeing on today? We are agreeing to heal and move on from the past. We are agreeing that we deserve love and we will take it when it finds us. That’s it from uBu today, we meet again tomorrow, same time. CIAO!