The Importance Of Continuous Learning

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

Let me start by asking you, ‘what do you do and how often do things evolve in your industry?’ (Comment below!) In my industry, it feels like things daily. I mean I have to deal with Facebook and Instagram so you can imagine what that is like, those two platforms drain me so much. Clients will see a notification about changes, they panic and start messaging me with questions so guess who must research? Yep, me.

If I am being completely honest sometimes I ask my friends who are in the industry too, it is less taxing! My point, however, is that this industry made me realize that we do not ever know enough, technology evolves and it affects many industries. It is very important for you to upskill and stay on top of your game. You can do this in multiple ways, online courses, reading blogs, attend workshops etc. Now my problem here is I am a lazy reader, I have a book a friend gave me in 2018, I still haven’t finished it. Yikes!

I do not enjoy reading on certain topics, but listening, that I CAN DO. So the decision I have made for myself in this year is to abuse YouTube more than I ever have. I tried very hard to force myself into reading but it just never works, I fall asleep all the time. As I was reflecting I realised I tried to read not because it was the only source of knowledge but because I feel the pressure to. I have seen too many statements saying, ‘you can not be a great writer if you are not an avid reader.’

Well, cheers to the mediocre writer I am about to be my people. I am fine with that but what I am not ok with is this pressure we continue to give each other as human beings. I am freeing myself from the shackles of the norm, the norm is what I choose to do, it is where my comfort lies and where I actually get some knowledge. The bigger job I have here is undoing the guilt that lives in me because I am not a reader. I am a listener and that is ok.

Books are great, read them but knowledge is everywhere. Podcasts, YouTube, you name it, just pick the method that works for you and use it. I shall camp on YouTube and get some data and grow my little business. Period! What are you going to use to continue to learn more about your business?



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