I never imagined that I would be sitting here, writing a blog post on the afforvailcountability of the internet. Yes, I was also lazy to type everything out. So here goes my 2 cents.

Affordability – not quite. In countries like Zim, data cost is still a big obstacle. Considering how a sizeable number of Africans are low income, affordability remains a challenge.

Availability – improving, in 2011,13.5% of Africans had access to the internet. I am sure the numbers have gone up since then, I don’t really enjoy reading on this. But more needs to be done to reach rural and remote areas. Also some low-income urban areas are not as covered.

Accountability – MNO’s are messing with net neutrality for example in Zim where we browse by bundles. Governments try to stifle internet access eg Uganda with social media tax or switching off of net during conflicts like Cameroon and recently Zim.

Whuuuu that took all of me. I am done here, off to read other people’s blogs! CIAO!

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