Lately we been meme’ing and talking about Fungisai’s transition. Less about the music more about the style. The new dress code has hit by more than just a surprise.. More like a tornado, yes??

Let’s just step back and take a look at the woman we fell in love with years back. No love lost though, just saying.

Does anyone agree with me that this is just beautiful.? Does anyone also agree that there is absolutely nothing that should have been changed.? No, ok I will stand alone then. Let’s look at the current looks she has been pulling off.

I do not know where to start. #sigh

To talk about the red on red on black look first. It does not flatter her body at all. Not knowing if this is a signature look for the genre she is getting into, Idk fam. How about we try a nice body hugging jumpsuit, we might keep the boots and tie our hair up. Yes??

The furthered dress.. The spice girl heels.. The long earrings fighting with our lovely locks.. Educate me on how exactly this felt ok, just how.? Let me try help out a little here. The heels are from way back do let’s call them vintage, pair them with slim fit pants a nice top and blazer. Ensuring that the top and pants are plain but the blazer a vintage color or print . Lose the earrings, doesn’t it sound better??

The timbs look, I need a whole breakfast to get into this one because that shoe. I mean let’s just skip it. I do not understand the top at all. Is it one top or two?? I mean, because, well…. It’s a no!!

This is going to be a roller coaster ride. It almost feels like she missed out on something growing up. Because these are looks the very young adults are pulling off out there. Or maybe just maybe it was too quick on us.

I miss Fungisai but will learn to love Killer Ras Fungi.. Yes I’m confused about her new name too.

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