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I wanted to follow her, it felt all the most safer and better than being in the dingy hallway I was lying in. I had no strength but above all I was afraid, her name sounded familiar but I was not sure I would be safe. They say you are better off with the devil you know.

‘Maybe I am better off clinging to anxiety & depression, ‘ i said to myself. It was as if she read my mind, she sat down right next to me.

‘If you won’t take my hand then I will sit right here with you.’ A surge of anger ran through my body, how dare she invade my space. With nothing but her cane, at least Denial offered alcohol to soothe my pain.

She sat there, stared into my eyes and I felt bare. I felt like she could see right through my soul. I could promise you she had some super powers because the wounds I had temporarily patched began to open up and bleed. It hurt, it hurt so bad.

‘Stop!’ I shouted out loud but she heard none of it. Every painful memory that I had thrown to the back of my head began to surface. Each one, forming a new wound and starting to bleed, the blood was gushing out so heavily I thought I was going to die.

I wanted to fight her. I needed her to stop turning my world upside down, to be fair it was already upside down I just liked it as is. I knew how to deal with that, I had enough stoppers to aoud the bleeding and she kept taking them out. Why was she doing that?

I lost too much blood. I couldn’t run, I just lay there in her arms. Her eyes locked in mine. The one time I looked away, I expected to see myself drenched in blood but I wasn’t, she was…

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