Whilst this is a place we all love to talk about I have learnt that many do not know what it really is. Many do not know what it means to dress up and head out for a red carpet event. You may be reading this and wondering where I am coming from, well from the many disappointments I have laid eyes on. The case study being the Chandamire Hip Hop Awards.Those who attended will probably turn on me and say well we did not see this red carpet, true. The red carpet was indeed invisible however it is not enough defense as we all knew that this was a red carpet event.

Before I wade off let me resume my position of disappointment in the dress codes that landed on the carpet on this particular day. Young adults showed up in clothing that my grandmother would have termed skimpy and I wouldn’t have argued with her one bit. Beautiful ladies in shorts, crop tops and ballet flats. How I wish I had a camera and captured this to support my words. The few that wore dresses were in very short dresses that had them tugging at them the entire time. Which also got me thinking, why then wear the dress if it will make you uncomfortable. Oh well.


*All these are African queens.. Standards set!!*

The young men stepped in shirtless, yes I said SHIRTLESS! Why are you showing up shirtless? I spotted another who was in a school uniform, honestly this is a whole new level of crazy or is it disrespect? You can conclude on that one. The room was filled with people dressed for the club other than the carpet. Can we give them a pass over the fact that the venue was indeed a club?


*Red carpet looks from SA and Nigeria, we have no excuse!!*

I would have thought that the celebrities would have looked a whole lot different from the fans that had come through to support instead they just blended. Unsure whether to blame it on the venue once again or lack of grooming. Could it be lack of knowledge on red carpet events, I mean their managers are surely meant to guide them on such things. Some jumped on stage to perform in the same attire they walked in wearing. They jumped off stage and sat in the same sweaty clothing, you can imagine.


*Stage outfits, only a few have mastered this amongst us..#sigh*

Red carpet events are yet another beautiful idea that we adopted from elsewhere. Is it then not a good thing to try keep up with those that actually lay this on the ground for us. For pits sake it’s just copying what other people did or rather are doing. Someone is reading this and thinking well we can change that and make our own Zimbabwean red carpet dress code. If that is the case shall we make this clear to one another and build our own red carpet event ‘class.’ Surely I could be ranting yet a decision was made that class was not for our red carpets. Somewhere along the way I could have missed the memo on how tux’s and elegant dresses were banned on Zimbabwean red carpets. Maybe just maybe smart casual isn’t good enough for us as well.
Otherwise if none of this was said may we please respect the red carpet!!

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