Crush #2 for today is one who fights for the woman she is and the woman she would like to see. A woman she would like to raise and a woman whom she wishes the world could see. A feminist at heart and at writing, does that even add up? Well, I am sure you get my point either way. 

If you are a lover of poetry then you NEED to camp on this site, when I checked it out one thing caught my eye. Her tags, they are enough to tell you what she loves and what she stands for. Simply, writing & women. She tackles the everyday issues that women face, from abuse to domestic violence and everything in between. I have read many feminist blogs but very few come in the form of poetry and she is one queen slaying at it! 

I also noticed that she has guest bloggers on her site too, I wish she could have created a category just for them so we know whose work we reading. Right now they are all in one place. Ciao!

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