Why can’t we all just get along? I don’t know who came with the issue of one color being more superior than the other. I hate how it’s so difficult to be neutral, as a young black woman I am constantly reminded of the evil things that white people did to black people.

On some days I smile at them and have no hate in my heart and then I turn around and witness them treat one of my brothers and sisters like trash and it all comes back. I remember reading a story on twitter during South Africa election time where a white child exposed his parents. He started spewing the rude things they had said about black people including that we are not people at all.

In as much as I want to have hope pertaining to this issue, I don’t have any left. The white people will never rate us, they will smile in our presence, shake our hands and sanitize the moment we look away. They will always look at us and see filth because of the color of our skin that time it’s them who don’t bath. (Emotions taking over here, time to switch topics)

As for gay rights, why are people so concerned about what the next person is doing with their genitalia? I say stick what you want to stick where you want to stick and be happy. It’s time we stopped dictating people’s lives. If it’s not your thing then DO YOUR THING! Mind your business! Gosh, I need to breathe. CIAO!

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