Rihanna sang ‘we all want love,’

The girl never lied cause truth is we ALL want love,

No matter how much we hide behind a curtain,

Hoping not be found yet it takes our shape and exposes us,

We all want love..

So how is it that this pain she feels seems to bounce back,

How is it that one decision she made to protect herself seems to be the reason she hurts today,

How is it that it has led her to a place of loneliness,

The type of loneliness  that has her talking to the walls,

The type of loneliness that has her acquainted to her pillow,

The type of loneliness that drives her to question her decision,

By now you think how has she no pursuits,

Oh but she has pursuits almost daily she does,

They look at her and see so much beauty,

They love the shape of her body oh they marvel at it,

They never miss that glistening look in her eyes,

They are shocked when she speaks because she is wise,

Wise until that one moment when her wise decision is discovered,

It is in that moment that it all falls apart,

It is in that moment that she is left to gather her feelings,

In that same moment she has to forget this man and how he could have been perfect,

She has to forget the late night conversations they had,

She has to forget his voice and his laugh,

She has to learn to hate him so that she moves on real quick,

She is back again to telling herself that it is well,

That someone will love her as she is and appreciate her decision,

That its ok that she took a left when everyone else took a right,


But see she just wants to know..

She wants to know when being the virgin became a taboo,

When we switched lanes to this life of ‘sex before love’

When we became ok with ‘sex before marriage,’

Tell her when men started running from the woman  who has preserved herself,

How it is that such  morals are the reason that a woman is deprived of love,

What sort of love we are really getting out there because as far as she is concerned sex=love,

She doesn’t  remember her parents teaching her this,

She doesn’t understand how she is wrong,

She doesn’t quite understand how she is the bad apple,

She needs clarity so she can keep her composure,

She just wants to know,

According to today she has learnt that..

A man only thinks and acts according to the needs of his penis,

Beauty is not what he sees in you but on you because on you he is happy,

Love is when he ejaculates in or out of you whichever will work,

He would rather fondle your breasts than have a conversation,

He will spoil you but that comes with a price of nothing less than your vagina,

He likes you on your knees but not when you worshiping only when you pleasure him,

The heart is shut down and you have to be ok with it,

You too have to master this vaginal love because the pleasure is two-way,

As for her..

She will know loneliness and love it,

Because the options are not many its either or,

She will embrace loneliness and shower it with kisses,

Because this new love scares her,

She made her bed now she has to lay in it,

This is…






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