How many times has a person simply looked at you and immediately classified you as one who does not fit in their league. Women do it, men do it but when it comes to women it is a little over the top. This is how it goes, ‘ Oh ok her hair is nice, that top would look better on me, the shoes oooh yes. And she smells good too. Who does she think she is walking in here stealing my shine. She has a big nose anyway, probably doesn’t have a good accent hence all the cover up with the fashion, I know these type of ladies. Can’t be bothered, I will show her who is queen around here.’ All in one look, just like that and it is over for you. You would not have even gotten the chance to plead your case, you out the circle already. The energy is passed off from one person to another and somehow you are left feeling like an outsider. I can testify to this and I can also tell you it’s a very ugly trait. At the end of the day it is not up to these insecure people to put out a word on you, put out your own word. You are who you are whether they like it or not. Whether they say otherwise or not. That is their cup of tea!

Life has a way of tripping us over from time to time. It is easier to give up, walk away and believe that because we fell the time is up. The road has ended and we are worth what we are at that time. Show me a person who has not had life kick them in the behind and I will show you a liar. It is easier to grumble, mumble and tumble over, put on a show for those around us to shower us with pity parties. Oh how we lack knowledge, we ignore the beauty of having a steady heart. We allow our hearts to beat so fast and so loud instead of keeping it calm and believing that it is well with us. That even though the storm has hit so shall the sun shine again. We walk around talking about ‘keep calm,’ we don’t even know what that means. Take it easy because with every fall, crack and bruise you become stronger and wiser.

Death, I have never liked death, I guess nobody does. It shakes your every being and tears your life apart. It creates an emptiness in you that can almost never be filled, for some it adjusts who they are, what they believed in and who or what they worship. We are often told that it is going to be ok but how will it be ok when the person we loved is never to return again.The bible says once they are gone if we ever meet again we wont even know each other the way we do now, it is over. So where is the ok in death, I said recently we never really deal with loss, we just find a way to live with it and so dear friend find a way to live with it. Do not self destruct because of loss lest we lose you too.

My blog post seems so off doesn’t it? That is because I spoke on 3 different topics that I read off of, a blog by a young lady named Nobuhle. I auto-love her because we share the same name. I read through all 4 categories on her blog and these 3 were my favourite. When you read her blog, there is a calmness that comes with every word. She writes so purely and straight from the heart, its beautiful and therapeutic. I love her honesty, where she doesn’t know she admits and opens the door for those who have the knowledge to jump in and help. I was saddened to find she has not been writing for a while and I hope she will start writing as regularly again.

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