Birthed is beautiful baby girl and her cries filled the room with joy. Her mother and father so proud to have brought to life such a beauty. Already they have plans for her,plans of a bright future and pushing to success they never reached. Prayers and her dedication to the almighty are yet more special days for her parents.

Fast forward to her 16th birthday…

She has become a ‘liability’ to her parents. When they look at her all they see is the one thing that stopped them from succeeding in certain plans that they had. In their heads she is the reason they could not afford the car and house they wanted. They failed to match up to their friends lifestyles. Her good grades and hard work brought her scolding. She never understood what she was doing wrong.   She prayed on a daily and still didn’t get her answers.  Her father then passed on leaving her with her mother.

The greed her mother had was too much for even a fire to burn down. What she needed was wealth and class. She craved for people to talk about her and her fancy clothes and cars. She looked at her daughter, beautiful and flawless, curves in all the right places, intelligent and funny. She smiled at the thought that she had raised such a child but frowned the moment she realized that again this was the reason she ‘didn’t make it.’


Her mother found her a man, a rich man. At 16 she sold her daughter to a man twice her age so she could live her dream. She never for a minute considered the tears that ran down her daughters face as she begged not to be sent off with this man. She never stopped to think what this meant for her daughters future, all she wanted was the money. She felt she owed it to her husband to at least live this life on his behalf.

Here she was in this mans big house, luxurious indeed but this was not how she imagined her life to be. She imagined graduating at university, starting her career and building an empire. She saw herself taking care of her mother in every way she can. Falling in love with a man who loved her for her and having a beautiful white wedding. All this had been taken from her in a glimpse. All these dreams would remain dreams because now she belonged to this man.

A man who only knew her curves an the color of her eyes. A man who longed for what was in between her legs and not her inner beauty. He gave up riches for her vagina and was proud. He was ready to shower her with expensive apparel just so he could say he owned her vagina. Every time he opened his mouth to say he loved her all she heard was i love the idea of me inside you.

She remembered her mother say she loved her so dearly,was this then the definition of love. Selling her to a man, not hearing her when she speaks. Was this the love she meant she had?

She lay naked in bed every night waiting for this man to come and have his way with her. He would be on top of her thrusting his life away and she lay there legs spread and motionless. She failed to see the beauty in sex as they spoke of it. She hated it!! 10 mins later he would be done and whisper silly love qoutes to her. Those meant nothing to her. She wanted her life back.

‘God give me my life back, you said you would never turn you back,

where are you now that I’m here on my back,

facing the heavens waiting for a call back,

is it not enough that you took your son back,

the least you could do is hand me my life back,

but before that maybe hand my mothers heart back,

she seems to have lost it somewhere in this mans bank,

I promise you she needs it back,

and i need my life back!!’

And this was the end of my ride.. Just a thought..

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