‘I’m bored’ she tweets.. Responses from oomf get them in the DM. Yes zvikufaya cause oomf is hot as hell. Convo moves from the DM’s straight to app, all day errday talking till the am. She excited cause ATTENTION Chii Chii..

Oomf hits her with the ‘what you up to this weekend?’ Although she wanted to sleep in she replies ‘nothing!’ Obviously cause she trying to #meetatwimbo. So date is set up, fast forward Saturday has come. Oomf picks her up and heads for the surprise venue with surprise ertang. This guy knows his ish, girls absolutely love surprises.

Blindfolded she is led up stairs. Led into a room, door closes behind her. The suspense is held a lil longer as she is led to take a seat. ‘Ready,’ he asks an she responds with a nod. This guy had prepared lunch via his bank card, bought all the food she had been craving all week not forgetting her favorite wine. This nigga though??..

Lunch goes well and after eating, talking and laughing through it he gives her a tour around his lil apartment.  They get to his bathroom and he pins her to the wall and kisses her. Butterflies in her stomach right away. Kisses him back and that could have been the mistake she made. He got to touching her, now that felt real good. Again she responded with the heavy breathing and passionate kissing. Oomf rips her clothes off (not literally but you know we need a bit of drama)

This is when she realizes this about to get real. ‘Stop, I’m a virgin. I can’t have sex with you!.’ He stops and looks at her with a smile he says, ‘ my house, my lunch and my rules. SHUT UP!’ She tries to fight him off and scream for help but this is the one battle she had lost.


He took from her what she had kept for another. Took from her the will power to choose who would be worthy of this priced possession. He left her feeling worthless, rather feeling like she equal to the price of pizza and ice cream and all that cheap ass food. All she could think of was how she was to walk the streets again. How she was going to tell this story and not look like she is at fault? Who would listen to her and sympathize with her?

When he was done she lay there.. Pain in her body, tears on her cheek and anger in her heart. Sitting up she lay her face in the blood on the floor, wishing she could carrying with her. She lay there too weak to get up. He came back and said to her ‘let me know when you ready to go home.’ Her response was ‘I will go after you go to hell’


After mopping up her blood with his white face towel she dressed up and headed out. He was asleep on the couch, peaceful as ever. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Back to the lounge, unzipped his pants headed for the big guns. She wasn’t going for circumcise the guy she wanted to chop off that which took away her innocence. With anger she jabbed it and blood began to gush out, you would think he would have woke up to fight and all. All he did do was scream, and think of his unborn kids. She got up and walked out covered in blood . In that moment she was proud of herself. Proud and ready to tell her story. As for oomf, well hameno I didn’t care enough to go that far or maybe my kombi ride was over.

These are just thoughts fam.

Thanks for the read!!#iamB

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