Many years have gone by but you, you haven’t quite figured things out now have you? You haven’t made a choice between lonely and sociable. You are  stuck in between, unsure of what it is you stand for. Is it failure to make a choice or you enjoy the back and forth? Temporary love lives you fulfilled, yes? Temporary presence of  another human being makes you feel safe? Just a minute is better than a lifetime in your eyes?

Attachment and commitment makes you break a sweat, gives you sleepless nights and mounts you with tonnes of fear. The walls close in when  you are stuck in a choice, suffocating you slowly turning your skin into a pale color never seen before. Your heart almost stops working, turns colder than the devils, goes harder than a rock. You can barely speak, words hurt you so much. Your entire world crashes and nothing makes sense to you at all.

So you leave.. You leave a cold soul that you ignited. You leave behind a broken heart that you promised to mend.You leave a scarred human that you said you would help heal. You leave an angry human for others to deal with. You turn against a human that chose to be selfless towards you, talk about selfishness. You leave a depressed human being yet you vowed you will never be the reason.You leave behind questions that you constantly refuse to answer to. You leave tears running dry on the same cheeks you said would never know of tears by you. You awaken trust issues that you cast out when you came around. You just leave..

You are gone.. Its good bye until you are lonely again..

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