We have this ugly thing we do as human beings where when things don’t go our way, we love focusing on it with all our energy. A good thing could walk into our faces and we won’t see it because we have chosen to keep our eyes on this one negative thing. A certain someone would say, ‘poor, ‘ to this behavior.

Someone out there is doing this very thing right now possibly because they had written down their goals at the beginning of the year and the biggest thing on there has not happened. Or it almost did then life swerved them. Whichever way they are bitter and angry so this year is officially a mess. Stop it!

I love this song by Lira titled – be about it. Yes, I am listening to it right now. But all she says is be about what you, speak about it, do it! We have no time to be mopping around over things. Rather we get up and do! C’mon now…

We need to grasp the idea of learning lessons in place of being grouches. What this does is put you in a better place to deal with things or the same situation in the future. Hurt, learn and get up. So your thinking should be, ‘ ABC didn’t work out because I did this and that. Had I done this I would have won. Ok, great next time I will get it. ‘

So I have one task for you, sit down. Make a list of all the good things that happened to you so far this year. Then on the other end, make a list of the LESSONS you have learnt so far. Positive vibes only, keep them alive. CIAO!

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