Another Wednesday, another crush. Listen, I am upset with this here crush because one of their blogs played with my mind. I had that, ‘I did not see that coming,’ moment. So in this narrative there was a man named Peter if I am not mistaken, this man saved an elephant that was in pain and somewhat was not trampled on. Instead the elephant stared into his, i kid you not this is what the blog says, there was an emotional stare before the elephant trumpeted and went off. Years later Peter and his son went to a zoo and an elephant went close to him and his son. Guess what the elephant did, it trumpeted. Peter could have sworn it was the same elephant, so he made his way into the enclosure and walked up to the elephant. And that ladies and gentleman marked Peter’s death!  


Leo Muzivoreva

You upset yet? Cause I surely am. I am above and beyond upset because this story in my head ended differently.What was Leo’s point? Do not motivate me to stay in toxic relationships in the name of it will get better, it won’t. Instead it will kill me. I think as a people we have indeed gotten around to telling ourselves that sacrifice equals love and so we sacrifice our peace and our sanity more often than once in the name of love. I continue to say to people guard your heart, peace and mind jealously because when you lose them nobody will really be around to fix you. Because then you become the toxic one. All of a sudden their advice doesn’t apply anymore, yep, welcome to life.

Reading through his blog, I skipped a lot of posts because the creative in me is so annoying. Truly unsure how I got through school because my gad! I realized that Leo is a wide reader and from what he reads he draws so much inspiration from it.He links history to present life and gives you lessons that will probably save your life. He has the ability to tell a story from one picture and you will find yourself staring at this picture and the words you read make sense. He puts you in that space and reality fades for a moment as you take in the words. I think I need a lesson or two from him.

He will educate you and you won’t even know it. He reminds me of Kendrick Lamar in the sense that his topic is the chorus, it gets you hooked immediately.The story are the verses, so insightful. Remember that kendrick song that drove all of us crazy, ‘wake up DRANK,post up DRANK, faded DRANK..’ The lyrics are probably all wrong but ay DRANK! Raise your hand if you thought that this was encouraging us to drink. Raise your hand if you heard the actual story Kenrick was telling. And there you have it! 


Every Wednesday we crush on one blogger and today it was Leo Muzivoreva. I won’t be the only one to tell Leo’s story, many bloggers will. Find updates on @Afrobloggers twitter account. I will update this blog post with links too. Ciao!

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