There isn’t a bone in my body that doesn’t know how run, but I kept it cool. The texting got pretty crazy and I found myself in a space where I would feel some type of way if he did not text me. I fell for a man I had never met. A man I knew would possibly throw me against the wall if things got heated. Yes, I am boo-boo the fool!

We had so much in common and the little girl in me added every little thing up. What do we call it again? Fate? We both had lost our parents, how is that even fate? I made it fate. We both liked vanilla ice cream, girl who doesn’t like vanilla ice cream? It’s the ONLY ice cream flavor. We were music lovers, which again is another valid reason why I should have run!

Artists are broken people, we have underlying issues that we deal with through our music. I don’t know how Beyonce and Jay-Z are doing it but I tell you this, two artists dating is a ticking time bomb. And now I am here to tell a story of why.

Right about this time, Zimbabwe started falling apart slowly. I was starting to struggle to pay bills and I had nowhere else to go. I had been asked to leave my uncles house and live with my cousins, then that fell apart too and I had to find my own way. It was hard and I couldn’t think of an easier way out.

I applied for job after job, I did interviews. Nothing was coming up. So I gave in to a call I had always turned my back on. I hated the idea but life wouldn’t have it any other way, I had to head out to South Africa to make a plan. Well the plan was to get a job, work for a year, save up and come back home. Again, I am the clown here. Guess who else was in this country, yes, X. But I was not going to him. I was going to my sister.

Everything happened so fast and before I knew it I was on a bus. Broke and hopeful. It was on that day, July 7, that X told me he loved me. Today, I can’t help but think it was planned but on that day, it was a beautiful thing. I listened to that voice note more than I should have and every single time it gave me jitters. In my mind it was about to be a beautiful journey, a new love, time with my sister and new opportunities.

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