My sister went away for the weekend and I was home alone. She suggested I invite X over for the weekend so I don’t get bored. I thought that was a dope plan, might as well meet this man, right? So I invited him and he agreed to come over. This man ditched work so he could make his way to me. So sweet, isn’t it!

For a person who had ditched work to see me he really did arrive way later than expected. I was excited until I wasn’t, to be honest. By the time he arrived the nerves had died, I didn’t even dress up, I threw on sweat pants and a long sleeved tee.

The night didn’t turn out so bad. We got along so well, it felt like we had known each other for years. We talked and we laughed so loud. It felt good to be around someone and just be yourself, I had had to hold back for so long out of fear of judgment it felt like I was in prison. That weekend was so great and I felt like I had found myself a king. I couldn’t wait to visit him next.

The plan was set in motion and guess who visited next, yes, it was I. So he stayed in the ghetto and the landlady stayed there too. Turns out she didn’t take tenants with wives or girlfriends. So he lied and called me his sister, who was that in the Bible who did this?

I can safely say I had visited the house, not the person. He was never home, he worked from 6 am to 2 am every day except Sundays. On Sunday we spent the day at church, like the entire day so mark that as the date. Intimacy didn’t work out cause he would fall asleep before we went far. If I tell you that so many times he fell asleep on top of me, would you believe me?

On that Sunday he took me to Emperors Palace, with his uncle. Beautiful place but I didn’t get to take it in because we ordered food and left. Another outing in the bag, we twerking for this one or not? Little did I know that the week ahead was about to be crazy! Remember that lie, yeah it backfired and the landlady was pissed!

She started making life difficult for me. She would yell about little things like the light bulb being on. I mean, does that even make sense to you? It escalated and she started to threaten to kick us out and that was the call for me to leave. My sister was happy cause she needed her unpaid nanny, X was hurt cause the visit was cut short. I was shook because what sort of a human being hated relationships this much and sad because I knew I was going back to a caged life.

X started talking about moving to another place and how he would love to have me move in with him. In that moment I didn’t really stop to think, I didn’t want to end up hating my sister so it all sounded perfect. It sounded like God was playing chess and He was winning.

I should have known better, I should have thought it all through. Did I even know this man enough to share a house with him in a foreign land I didn’t know so well? What was I going to do if anything went wrong? Who would I run to? In which direction? I should have thought it through…

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