We talk about things with a blind eye until it happens to us and only then do we realize how deep and intense it really is. It takes experience to speak the truth and touch a life. Take this journey with me on a true life experience that almost broke all of me.

2017 March I released my first song, Ngizophakama, a song I dedicated to my mother. I had to add ‘recording artist, ‘ to my social media bio. And I guess it caught the eye of this one guy, we will call him X, so he DM’d me. X asked for my song and I sent it to him, the more people that had it the better chances it had of surviving.

A few days later he replied asking for a collab, it didn’t happen because my producer didn’t approve. The sound wasn’t for me so I declined, I trusted him as he has been in the industry way longer than I have been. X was hurt but he knew his place and let it go but not of the conversation.

This is when it all began. I stayed alone at the time and if I was not out and about in Harare hustling I was at my place, drinking wine straight out the bottle and possibly sending risky messages. I know you think most went to X, nope that didn’t happen.

Red flag number one, I had done the usual process of stalking the guy who is doing the heavy texting. I saw pics of him with a young lady captioned, ‘out with bae, ‘ and I drew the line. I fell back, a week later all those photos had disappeared. ALL OF THEM! Guess who ignored this red flag, your girl!

One Sunday we were talking and I asked how the day was, he responded, ‘It was great until I met my mistake.’

Obviously, this sparks my curiosity so I ask about this so-called mistake. So turns out he had found out that his personal person had been cheating with several other men. This explains the pictures being deleted, but of course, I did not mention that I noticed it. Now I am here comforting this person because we all know that sucks!

The sobs later turned into laughter. I started to feel like a guru at this comforting business. A few nights later we were talking and then he disappeared. When he came back I could feel the anger through the messages, it was pretty intense.

His ex had shown up at his place with the sister and aunt to start some sort of bullshit. He lost it and he had shoved her, another red flag, leaving her shook. This is the part that I should have really closed this door but I did not…

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