I’ve been told full lips can’t talk in whispers and their best deeds are tied in kissing.A beautiful illusion I tell myself or simply a crutch I use to keep my perverse desires up straight.To maintain my balance as I navigate this tempting world that sets me hard in the usually softest of places.I find the taste of you to be most intriguing.

You call yourself chocolate and I can’t help but think chocolate isn’t a sweet enough taste. And every time like the last time we were together I lose control over my inhibitions and it seems like we’re both on this sexually driven flight mode.You nestle your rear comfortably in my lap and as we lock lips my hands instantly start to roam freeIt’s almost on instinct, your breasts call to me and so does the fountain of a secret nectar between your legs.

You strip slow and with a seductive dance as I nearly trip over myself to watch you do your thing while I’m already naked.While I already stroke myself nice and slow as I stare on…But the tease never lasts for long as we feel this need to give in to the pleasure I dive in to search your deepest of depths with the flick of my tongue and you in turn swallow me whole.

The introduction of a product of Male hormones to the back of your throat “Sloppy when wet, no teeth please, just the head, oh right there, don’t forget those two…”Did I leave out anything else we usually say?Before long vile curses are escaping both our lips often followed by gasps for airI hold my breath as my tongue twists and searches until your hands grab the back of my head and I know I’m there.It’s now simply a matter of pace, the marathon for your orgasm, a trophy received not by cheers and applause but punctuated by moans in the air.

Yet also often do the games played by our mouths end and it’s my entire soul that feels like it’s penetrating yours.Two as one, slow then fast, fast then slow, me on top while you lying, now the other way around…Teeth marks on necks, turning even my dark skin bright red.Nails digging into backs and yes yes yes like the answer you’ve suppressing for so long and now you must let it out.

Who knows how long lasts, there’s no time keeper keeping. My body finally tenses and with few final twitches everything I am explodes.Words remain unspoken and the breaths are heavy and all too frequent. While chemistry and blended bodily fluids paint the smell of the air.

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