You asked me to pick one blogger who inspired me during this challenge. I thought about it for a whole week, I read blog after blog and found myself amazed with every link I clicked. Decisions decisions…

Then I finally made my decision. Women that press, a group I am in with female bloggers inspired me the most. Why?

We woke up one day and Mona-k decided she was down with the challenge and that everyone taking on the challenge was weak. Yes, she called us weak cause she was giving up. Her blog however sparked conversation in the group turns out everyone participating in the challenge was going through it!

We all hated the topics. We were struggling to write, add Zim data price hikes and power cuts for most of the ladies to the equation. You would think this conversation would have brought us to a point of giving up. Instead, we found strength in numbers, we blogged daily still. Did I mention Mona-k was back at blogging the following day too.

Well done ladies! I love y’all! CIAO…

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