Who says that the girl who masturbates on a daily is better than the prostitute?

Is she only better because you do not see her deeds?

Only because she uses her imagination of what could be to pleasure herself?

Is it cause she has spared another woman her husband by simply doing it herself?

Why her, when the prostitute never hides who they are?

Who says?

Who says the girl that got pregnant at 16 is worse than the one who is on the pill?

So is premarital sex better if one does not get pregnant?

Is what God called a blessing a curse to us now?

Do we fear the pregnancy more than we fear the many diseases ready to take our lives?

Or is it fear of the world knowing that you have been sleeping with a man?


Fear of the community shaming you as a mother for the blessing your daughter carries in her womb?

All these you may answer after you answer this one, who says?

Who says its ok for a man to have many women but a woman cant have many men?

Why must a woman forgive her husband for cheating but she falls into punishment when she does?

Why is a woman immediately named a whore and a man the HERO?

Where the vows they spoke not the same?

Ignore the other questions and first tell me, who says?

Who sets these standards?

Who weighs these sins and gives justification?

Where does it say this sin is better than that one?

Who says?

Somebody needs to tell us all, tell us who says?

For I have been grieved and will continue to be grieved until i know who says..

For many have been shunned and they want to know who says..

Somebody tell us, who says?

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