I am going to do my best not to rant but educate. For a very long time I avoided blog posts that addresses religion of any sort because I know things can ugly within a few minutes. It happens to be a sensitive topic and emotions flare, relationships have fallen apart because of religion.

Christianity speaks of loving all people equally and unconditionally, in the same breath it shuns on those that befriend people of a different religion. ‘Are you Christian?’ This was always top 2 of my questions before I invested in a relationship. I judged anyone who said they were not, I made the decision to change their mind and bring them to the light.

I put people off because I was so hung up on ‘saving,’ them. What exactly was I tying to save them from? I look back now and think, ‘what in the bias was that?’ I realize now that I used that as a measure of love but what is love if it is conditional? If it cannot respect the other person’s choices, is it even love?

The world is diverse so if we are going to talk about freedom of choice then why does it become different when it comes to religion? If you are a Christian who is on a mission to change the world by bringing more people to Christ, think about it a little more. I am going to play devil’s advocate for a minute.

Have you ever wondered why there is a push for congrengants to bring more people to Christ? Who really benefits from more people being in the house of the Lord? It feels good when you are applauded from the pulpit, but who really benefits? Something to think about…

‘Do not judge lest you be judged..’ I hope that is how that verse goes, oopsy. If you are Christian then you know what I am referring to. If the word is your true guide then as a religion you should be the least judgmental religion to exist, in fact, you should not be familiar with judging at all. If love is truly your fuel, then you should be the gurus at loving unconditionally.

I will never understand the division we have managed to create because of religion. I will never understand why Christianity is so controversial either. All I am saying is, allow people to be. If anything, ask yourself this one question, ‘do you believe in what you believe in by choice, birth, or fear?’ If your answer is the last two, then you may need to start over and take control of your life.

Whilst you are flirting and converting for Jesus what you feel is not love, you are primarily setting a condition for whatever you are hoping that relationship becomes. Your infatuation has you convinced that it takes this person becoming Christian for your bond to be perfect. That you will be the next Christian power couple, it works for some, its a sad story for most. If you feel the need to change that person, then…

Before you do that, it is not your job to police people into Christianity or any belief. We are all leading different lives, different stories and that is ok. No religion makes one more superior, no religion is ‘the right one.’ Do you and respect the next person’s choices too. CIAO!

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