This challenge should have been named the get to know a blogger challenge because… All the same, you are about to know my weak points. I am not sure if that works in my favor but, shall we?

  1. I wish I could stick to an exercise routine. I watch other people do this, then I give myself a starting date, at times I actually start and stick to it for a week or 2 then the excuses pile up in my head. Then it dies! Is there a remedy for this?
  2. I wish I could ask for money from my bae. This is weird to you behind the screen there, right? I suck at this and I wish I could just open my mouth and ask. I guess Kuda was right, I need to find a mind-reading man.
  3. I wish I could sing better. I honestly believe I am not a very good singer, yet. There are things my voice can’t do that I want it to do. Maybe its in my head, maybe it comes with the fact that I am often told I am not good enough.

Not everything on this list can be fixed, but I hope to fix something. Most things require a change of mindset. There is need to reset, so make your list. It may be more than 3 things, figure out how to fix them one at a time. Renew your mind! CIAO!


  1. I downloaded some exercise item about 2 weeks ago and i was like I will start 1 June and well it’s 4 June nothing yet lol so i totally relate maybe try zumba?

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