This is funny, because my last post was about money. Now I must do something for free? This topic made me realize I am such a money making thinker, so thank you for slowing me down a little there.

  1. Ice cream tasting. Count me in! I love ice cream so much the seasons do not matter. I will eat ice cream during the snow, do you understand? I do not care about the after effects, I care about the moment when it melts in my mouth and just znzhzjsnzgzusn! Yes, please!
  2. Sing in a church. It’s always felt a little off for ME, note I am talking about MYSELF, to be paid to sing in a church. I do it straight from the heart, with all of me.
  3. Groom creative orphans. I am a creative orphan who’s creative side was ignored, the passion lives in me. Given an opportunity, I would do it without thinking twice!

I am proud of me for thinking free! Clap hands for me please, I made it out alive! What would you do for free, drop a comment why don’t ya!? CIAO!

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