Technology has made life so much easier for us. Yes, it has its downside but I think this all depends on your mindset. We have the power of choice and I choose to use it to rise to the top! My phone is my life, I do so many things on my phone especially business wise. I am typing this blog post on my phone, I’m sure you get it. Here are my top 5 apps :

  1. Wave Invoice. I currently run 2 businesses and I am always on the go. Wave has made it so easy for me to draw up an invoice and mail it out to my clients. Quite frankly, I love that it does the math for me! If you are a small business, get this app, thank me later! Did I mention it is absolutely free?
  2. Grammarly. If you are a blogger or writer and don’t have this app you are slacking on yourself. You need to fix that, real quick. I don’t do manual spell and grammar checks any more thanks to this amazing app! You are welcome.
  3. Twitter. A place of laughter and business! I love that platform so much when I am gloomy, it brings laughter. When I am serious with my life and want to push my business, I do it there too. Many of my clients are from Twitter, how about that?
  4. Canva. I recently learned that I could have easily become a professional graphic designer because it’s in my blood! I use canva for most of my graphic work, see the one up there, yeah I did that! A very useful tool for bloggers too.
  5. Hootsuite. I don’t always have the time to sit and talk about my blogs, the business, the music every day. So I schedule my thoughts for everyone to see whilst I am busy and when I am free I respond and engage! Yes, I ghost post!

I feel like I have betrayed my other amazing apps out there that I use. I just want them to know that I love them so much too! What’s your top 5? I could be missing out on something amazing! Update a girl, CIAO!

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