“It’s not about the money money money, we don’t want your money money money. We just wanna see the world dance, forget about the price tags..”

Money! My dream life has money in it, a lot of it! Let’s be honest here nobody has a dream life that doesn’t involve money, right? We are all out here adulting and slaving to secure the bag.

Let me tell you how I would like to make that money. If you have explored this website enough you will find that I am such a creative. If there is one thing I want, is to make money through my music.

Picture this with me, uBu’s Africa tour, hundreds and thousands of people taking the time out to queue for the shows. Soon as I walk out the crowd starts screaming, I cry because I can’t believe its happening.

The band starts playing Ngizophakama, and before I can sing it the crowd sings it. At this point, I am stupid in love with my fans and just want to hug them all. I perform with all the energy in me, dance till my feet bleed and finally bid the crowd goodbye.

Backstage my ride or die bae is waiting to catch me and tell me I did great! Nope, scratch that. He surprises me because he said he couldn’t make it because of work. I cry because I finally feel loved.

On days I don’t have shows I’m in interviews, photo shoots and exploring the beautiful parts of Africa. I am shopping because I can finally afford to pick up the things I want and don’t necessarily need.

See that is that life I dream of. Are you willing to help me get there? Cause it really starts now, by downloading the music for free and possibly falling in love with it. Thank you, I love you already! CIAO!

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