I am shaking! I am shaking because in my head I am standing in front of a class and I have to speak but thy nerves are kicking in a little too hard. Gosh! For the record, this is something I would want to do like for real for real! This is what I would say:

  1. The internet is a blessing if your mindset is set right. Your minds are curious about all the things you should not be curious about, and the one thing you want to do is look for those things on the internet. Ok, great, now that you found it, will that help you grow?

It is important to feed your mind with useful things. All the information in your books is available on the internet and you know what else is on there? The stuff your books don’t have that you need, from people who have experienced life before you.

Make a choice today, read and learn more using this amazing tool for a better tomorrow. Or fill yourself up with garbage, waste time that you will never get back looking at things that won’t help you grow.

  1. What are you using your social media for? I know this is the time when you are ‘watching what you eat because nudes.’ You thought I wouldn’t go there huh. I did. I hope you know the internet doesn’t forget, so think years from now when you are trying to get a job and they resurface. Now what?

You need to be careful of the image you portray. If I had known this a long time ago I would be far! If I had said the right things, followed the right people and wrote my bio right I would have won a long time ago! You won’t get it today, but tomorrow you will!

  1. Blogging is where the money is! Do you know what pushes people to buy into things? It’s a story and not just any story. It’s a true story, told beautifully!

This is what we do as bloggers we find that one thing we love to talk about, the one thing we are passionate about. We put our all into it and give to the rest of the world. We change peoples lives with our words.

It’s up to you now. You have the power to choose, to be a troll on the internet and have short-lived fame. Or to change someone’s life, and leave a legacy never to be forgotten. The ball is in your court. CIAO!

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