Remember when I said my mind thinks money lot? Imagine the excitement in me when I read this topic. I think I had an excitement stroke for a second there.

I would definitely start an events company, no two ways about it! I was having this conversation with a close someone and they were expressing how they hate the headaches that come with events. The planning, the researching, the attention to detail, not to mention the panicking client.

For me, its the headache that I love. That moment when everything seems impossible to be done in time and put together just the way it should be. That’s when I get excited because it is a challenge. Calming down the client and letting them know that my team and I got it on lockdown.

The client’s joy when all is done and in place is what I live for! So, who is blessing me with the money to get this going? Nobody? Ok then, CIAO!

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