I started blogging for all the wrong reasons!

  1. I thought it would make me famous.
  2. I thought it was safer than my diary. (Stop laughing)
  3. I thought I would make money easily.

Imagine my shock when I realized I was playing myself. As I blogged I also read other people blogs and realized this was real. It was not a joke. I wanted people to remember my name and follow me everywhere but that would not come if I only offered mediocre content.

It took me a while to pinpoint my ‘why’ in blogging. My blog posts were random and were about anything and everything. From fashion to beauty to short stories to life experiences. I just used to sit there and think, ‘what would make people click the link.’

When I finally found my ‘why, ‘ it felt like it was a little too late. I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away. I am glad I did not because today I carry a message everyone needs to carry, that it is enough to be yourself.

If you are looking to get into blogging please make sure you found your ‘why.’ I promise you, it isn’t far, it’s in your everyday conversations with the people around you. You live your why, go on and share it with the world. CIAO!

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