So this is the best and worst story I ever heard. Best in that it is weirdly weird and worst in that I am in this freaken country and can’t trust rats! Yes I said rats! So on our way from church one night we passed by this building and ladies and gentleman there were huge huge huge rats! I was so scared I almost flew, I kid you not. I could not believe the size of those things.

In my shookness I was then told that it is essential for me to be prayerful in this country because turns out witches here use rats for their missions. So the send a rat to your household or wherever they wish to monitor you and this thing records everything about you and reports back. In some cases the witches themselves turn to rats. I do not trust rats at all! For everytime I see one I am saying out a prayer. I be there like:

It fascinated me because when you see a rat all you think is eewwww and yet for some they see a tool while some see a camcorder. The world we live in is unsafe y’all, keep those prayers going up! Ciao

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