She had never thought she would fall in so quick,

A blast from the past that snatched her heart.

In his eyes she saw such honesty and admiration,

In his words she heard purity and so much truth,

In his touch she found so much warmth and safety,

In her heart she was so sure he was the one,

She woke up and thought of him immediately,

Her heart would pound at the sound of his voice,

Her phone looked brighter when his messages came through,

She had never been so comfortable around anyone,

She had never known to love without trying,

She had never known not to feel time pass on by,

She also never knew to be in love alone,

The more she loved the more he drew away,

The more she gave in the more he hated her guts,

The more she tried the more he failed,

The more she embraced his gentleness the more he turned bitter,

It was all over, over before it even began,

She was helpless but she knew she had to rise and move,

She knew it was that time again that she had to act,

She knew the time to look happy as she drowned had come again,

She questioned why it had to be her all the time,

She wanted to understand why this misfortune fell on her always,

She wondered what curse this was that could never break,

Did she not deserve to be embraced and loved for who she is,

Did she not deserve to adored and worshipped,

Did she not deserve to be treated like the queen her father told  her she was,

Her emotions were so strong tears were not enough,

Her anger filled up the atmosphere so much she couldn’t stand it,

Maybe it was her fault for loving anyway,

Why couldn’t she clog her love just once and kept to herself,

Why couldn’t she hate men enough to never love again,

In her head she plays back stabbing each of them to death,

In reality she forgives them and helps them with life,

In her head she plays back throwing them off a 10 storey building,

In reality she offers them comfortable beds in her heart to lie in,

Stand up for yourself beautiful girl its not worth it,

Love yourself and work hard men don’t matter,

All this in her head and never implemented,

Guess this is just who she is,

A lover,

A forgiving woman,

A giver,

A broken Beauty..



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