Honey-child move! How rude of me, I did not greet you, how are you? How is January treating you? I am doing alright but today I want to talk about practising less of the talking and actually DOING! We all struggle with this part of life, don’t we? The part where we actually have to do something that we know full well will benefit us, our parents and grandparents would say we are being fought by spirits. I just think we are afraid of finding out what is on the other side of the door. Anxiety has us by the balls my darlings. (excuse my french)

Remember when I spoke about manifesting balance and alignment? I spoke about how our spiritual awareness fully depends on the state of the mind and the body. I spent the whole of 2020 saying, ‘I honestly need to exercise this isn’t it.’ The year ended and the most exercise I ever did was walking at the mall whilst I shopped. Valid? Nope, I went to the mall at least once every two months because the pandemic really scared me. I could feel the changes in my body and I knew it was only getting worse, my knees were becoming useless by the day.

Fast forward to 2021, the girl is 16kgs heavier than she was at the beginning of 2020. The numbers scared me and simple things like sitting cross-legged hurt. This is what we are not doing ladies and gentlemen, I was very disappointed in myself for allowing all this weight gain to happen. The more I thought about it, I realized what really stopped me from starting last year. It was the fear of judgement. I live in a communal home and the thought of people seeing my work out scared the life out of me. On the other side of my door, I heard laughter and ridicule. That’s why I kept locking the door.

Anxiety will have you going through pain that has even come yet, pain that might not come at all. I unlocked the door and walked right into it with my eyes closed. Do you know what I found? Support. The one day I exercised whilst they were all there they said nothing mean, nobody laughed, it was as if they immediately understood my story. We barely speak by the way, but it was that support that gave me the strength to keep going. I am three weeks into my workout routine and I am excited or the results to come. The door I am afraid to unlock now is the one that involves me standing on the scale again. Yikes!

The point? You need to action your words, your spirituality plays a big role in your everyday life. Saying I am going to affirm myself every morning without actually doing is you just robbing yourself of change. Whatever it is you have been afraid to do that you know will bring peace to your spirit, do it. Find someone to help you if need be, we are on a journey of becoming and it takes one too many leaps to get results. Get that reading, start that yoga class, go to the gym. Confront those fears and watch them melt away, I know you can do it. CIAO!



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