fASHION evolves almost daily in this life time and at times we may or may not be able to keep up with these trends. Having have attended the ZIMA’s this Thursday I was exposed to so many trends and trust I did not agree with some of them. So I willnot be selfish let me take you through some of the ones that caught my eye. Keep in mind this was a RED CARPET EVENT..!

Photo Cred: THE MOVEMENT..

  1. ZIMA 1.1

Lets just take a while to look closely at this ‘masterpiece’ right here.My first question is to the designer, WHY? Why would you have someone walking around looking like an amusement park? Even the men behind her are unsure of what is going on here. Remember those ‘condom dresses’.. Dejavu? I do applaud her for carrying the elephant around all night though, brave move. Can we safely crown her the ZIMBABWEAN GAGA, yes?

2.ZIMA 2.1

Put your hands up if you know that Candice has a nice body. Mine is definitely up, this woman is curvy in all the right places. She just had to go on and get herself a designer who chose to hide her figure. Got her looking like she has an extra obese tummy, nah fam nah. This was a disgrace to her body! Candice please don’t go back to this designer boothang.

3.ZIMA 2

Cut out the man she is standing with and concentrate on Newsbae. Mama cita YASSSSSSS! On top of all that beauty, she was in a gorgeous gown that flattered her every curve. YES YES YES!

4.i ZIMA 4

I am not sure what exactly is going on here.. Let me breath a little………………. Idk fam. I never really run out of words but right now I have none.

5.ZIMA 5

Its your boy Mudiwa..!! This man is known for style and he never ever disappoints. Mungamuvenge henyu but his dress sense wont ever die! Love the bow tie, yes papi! Unsure about the sunglasses at night though, hmmmmm.




Back the truck up, is that clutch torn? Big as it is how do you trash it this much and then come show us. The clutch darn trashed you look honey.. Moving on to the ‘crop’ top outfit, sigh. The red flag was right there, how did she possibly miss it in the mirror back home. This was just a wardrobe malfunction, no second thoughts there! Nice clutch though..

7.ZIMA 7

Mother and daughter in FORMATION! The lace on Shingi’s dress is amazing and that dress just looks fab on her slim bawdy. The detail on her mothers dress is on fleek, Idc what you think. These two were totally SLAYING!!

8.ZIMA 8

Cindy has a wardrobe I would die for, this lady knows how to make a statement. ZIMA night she did not down play herself, who would forget that dress. Love it! However that hair, no mami. Not with this number,what you needed was a plain up do. t would have also allowed you to show off your bling even better.

9.ZIMA 10

Wish I had a clearer pic of Calvin’s look but as you can see, DAPPER!

11.ZIMA 11

That dress, nah! On to the gentleman, whom I believe is the ‘shake your bulawayo’ singer just doesn’t give a rats behind at all! (his performance was fire though) When have you ever seen anyone rock up to a red carpet event in flip flops/mapata pata? I cant help but laugh to be honest. This to him was just another night, I assume. I feel like he left home like, ‘ just going around the corner fam.’

12.ZIMA 12

I need some help to figure this out. Mr Mr was dressed nice and simple, I agree. Lady in grey and the many other colors took a left there. The idea for the dress was not bad, there are a few things that just went wrong. Starting off with the boob area, there isnt enough support there and it has left her boobs sagging way too much. Must have been uncomfortable too. The flare to the dress started at an awkward point therefore defining her tummy which could have been avoided. Had it been a little higher it would have plumped her booty too. Close your eyes and picture it, you see it? Me too!

13.ZIMA 13


14.ZIMA 14

Class upon Class upon Class. Don’t hate, APPRECIATE!


I’m DONE!!

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