About Me

I am Nobuhle N Nyoni, many know me as uBu. I grew up without a voice, an opinion earned me a scolding or a beating. I suffocated and tried my best to be who society wanted me to be, who the world wanted me to be. Then one day I decided it wasn’t worth it, I decided I was enough and I would tell my story.

That’s what I do, I share my shortfalls and my lessons. I want to see a world filled with people that choose themselves, so my blog, my IGTV, my book are just that. A reminder that it’s ok to be YOU.

My book is filled with stories of my dating life, one that has been funny, sad, and painful. With each King that I met I experienced something new, I learnt a life lesson yet the biggest one was why I didn’t need them. I share my downfalls and the many form of abuse I went through as a young woman. These are lessons I would want young women and men to learn before it is not too late. This book is also for father’s and mother’s to be, I need you to know that you play a role in the decisions your children will make later in life. I believe I learnt these lessons for you. 

My Skills
Writing 86%
Editing 78%
Conceptualising 90%
Graphic Design 88%
Website Design 92%

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