I was born unique, as you were. I was such a free spirit growing up but it took one occurrence at a time for change to begin. Because we are meant to act a certain way, talk a certain way and behave a certain way the world around me began to shout it out loud.

I wanted to be accepted and loved so I conformed to their rules and beliefs. Then one day I felt suffocated, I felt a struggle in me. I was tired of being normal. I just wanted to be myself, creative, wild and free spirited. That was when I decided to be me. I lost so much but  I gained myself, that is all I ever needed. That is all you need too, so #youbeyou

I dated for many years, I searched for something in each king, I made mistakes, I was hurt and broken. I told the story of self-worth in this very book. A story many are living and will learn from, here you will find my lessons transcribed.

Emotional abuse lives, it cripples one just as much as any other form of abuse. I learnt this the hard way but I believe it was for a reason because I tell my story so as to save another from staying too long.

Lwandle fell in love with the handsome and rich Augustine, but only when she was deep into it all did she discover shocking truths about the man she loved. Truths that broke her and left her battling with depression. Could she possibly get past it all? PUBLISHING DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!


Let us work together and spread the gospel of being true to yourself.