I am

nobuhle nyoni

Writer, Web Designer & Podcaster

Hey there, I’m Nobuhle N Nyoni, but you can call me Bu for short! I’m a Zimbabwean-born content creator extraordinaire with a knack for all things creative and colourful.

With over five years of experience in content writing, web design, and virtual assistance, I’ve mastered the art of juggling multiple hats. Whether I’m crafting captivating articles, designing eye-catching websites, or keeping schedules in check as a virtual assistant, I do it all with passion.

When I’m not busy being a digital nerd, you can find me exploring new coffee shops in search of the perfect cup of a latte or getting lost in a good book. I’m also a self-professed foodie, always on the hunt for the next delicious culinary adventure.

With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of determination, and a whole lot of positivity, I’m ready to take on whatever challenges come my way and spread a little sunshine wherever I go!

Here is my story…

2015: It’s Showbiz Baby!

The Streets My Runway Fashion Show

The event is being organised by Encore Productions, an events company that promotes fashion.

“The designers in this event are students, most of them. We have given them a platform to show their work. We have 10 designers and one retailer,” says Encore Productions director, Nobuhle Nyoni. – The Herald

This was the first successful event I hosted alongside an amazing team. It founded our vision for the company.

2016: Setting stages & filling up Moto Republik.

Soko Matemai – The Album Launch

“The album is to be launched at Moto Republik on the 25th of June and being Hosted and Managed by 1807 Events.” – Zimbuzz

We rebranded! Encore Productions got people confused as it was very similar to another media company’s name. We became 1807 Events.

Soko Matemai‘s album launch was very successful, the venue was packed for the night. He rehired us to launch his second album in 2017, which also turned out to be a success.

Unfortunately, our  fire burnt out and this was the end of 1807 Events.

2017: The birth of uBu

The name uBu was coined by the one and only, Verseless, when we were trying to figure out what my stage name would be. It has stuck around since.

In my short stint in the music industry, I released 4 singles. All of them produced by Verseless under the stable Veryus.

2017: Creating & Addicted

Suddenly, there was an emptiness. A dream had died and I needed to start again. But what was I going to do now?

I started blogging to pass time, and to rant about my misery. That is how I discovered my love for writing and I never looked backed. My blog was the first ‘publication,’ I wrote for and she was kind enough to teach me. It was through writing that my curiosity around social media management and website design arose. I didn’t have the money to hire anyone so I was glued to YouTube and blogs, learning.

I didn’t think I would wake up one day featured in big magazines and designing websites for other people. Here we are!

Did I mention that I wrote a book, self-published and it failed? Yeah, that happened. It served as a learning curve and I would do it all again!