I have a podcast!


What do we talk about? Well, this is an extension of my blog, the only difference is I get to chat with people willing to share their life-changing stories. So, yes we still get to grow with tonnes of laughs and ‘no wayssssss!’

The first season is wrapped and available for you to listen to. 8 whole episodes, 8 guests and each brought stories that had my jaw touching the ground. And each story left questioning parts of myself that need to change. Have a listen.

Listen here!

Time for a read!

This is the first book that I wrote, wait, it is the only book I wrote. Lol. More will come but for now here is a book that walks you inot my past relationships, the mistakes I made and why I feel I was never meant to be in any of those relationships AT ALL!


I write… a lot!!!


Ok, so my blog is one of my favourite things on planet earth, it was my saving grace when I didn’t know what to do with my emotions. I mean, African homes aren’t the best when it comes to safe spaces. You think you are sharing your feelings, next thing you know they are being used against you.

Through this space I learnt how to listen to my feelings, go through the motions until I could articulate myself well enough to leave you with a lesson.

Check it out here!


Why you should look at each year with a positive eye

Happy new year to you my darlings! Guess who has another opportunity to chase their dreams and make them happen, yep, you and I. I am very excited for the year but I do want to talk about something we often overlook and has us grading our years as uneventful. Most...

The truth about music and how it fuels body shaming

This morning I sat down to download a couple of Zim songs that I missed, and as I kept going more songs popped up that I had not even thought of. So I went ahead and downloaded those too cause they brought back really good memories. I put together a playlist and I was...

Sex and orgasms, a woman’s first love.

'Act like a lady.' This is something I am sure many girls have been told, we are raised to act a certain way so that we can be perfect candidates for the wife role. I was once told to 'laugh like a lady,' and I was not sure if I was meant to kiki instead of just...

You need to look out for red flags in friendships

When I hear the phrase, 'life is unfair,' the positive human being that lives inside of me wants to counter that with some positive energy. 9/10 it feels like I am covering up and refusing to learn the lesson that is being presented to me. I never imagined that I...

You need to stop replacing body shaming with your argument

Alright my people, gather around, please. This is going to be a really short one, maybe not, but I will try. I want to talk to the people who choose to argue with people's bodies and not the actual argument. On countless occasions, I have witnessed twars turn into...

This journey ends here for me.

Hey, there world, I know you had not heard from me for a while and I can explain. Well sort of. Lol We have been living in a panini press (read pandemic) for over a year now and dare I say it is our new norm now. Last year was difficult for all of us, we struggled...

Journal anyone?

If you have been here for a while you know I am an advocate for journaling. If you just arrived, now you know. Why am I an advocate? Because it helped me through tough times and I find it to be much cheaper than therapy. So I designed some journals that I felt best described what we go through as adults. Hope you like them too!