Becoming uBu means becoming yourself. This is a platform where one learns to love and embrace themselves, no holding back, no fear of judgement. I am still on the journey, it never ends and that is what I love the most about it! Welcome to my safe haven, I hope you will like it here.


I am a creative, words are my escape so I blog and sometimes I write books. Yes, you heard me right, I am a published author (please buy the book). I am also a recording artist a web developer, graphic designer and  a digital marketer. You are right, I truly am a creative!


I loved the idea of being loved by a man. The idea of being swept off my feet and being made to feel like the Queen my mother said I was. So, for every time I was told I was too young to be in a relationship, I grew impatient. The time never came when it was ok, so I began dating but you know what the problem was? I didn’t know who to date, how to date and why to date. I didn’t know when too much was too much. I saw red flags and turned them into blankets instead of running for my life. I stayed when I should have left, I smiled in times I should have been crying, I defended My fleshly desires instead of my mental health. My heart got broken, I got abused and I broke my own heart too. It took 11 years to realize how broken I was and to learn of the reasons why I had become who I had become. I needed to tell the story to save a young woman, a mother, a mother to be, a father and a father to be and so I wrote The Kings that didn’t need this Queen.

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