I have a podcast!


What do we talk about? Well, this is an extension of my blog, the only difference is I get to chat with people willing to share their life-changing stories. So, yes we still get to grow with tonnes of laughs and ‘no wayssssss!’

The first season is wrapped and available for you to listen to. 8 whole episodes, 8 guests and each brought stories that had my jaw touching the ground. And each story left questioning parts of myself that need to change. Have a listen.

Listen here!

Time for a read!

This is the first book that I wrote, wait, it is the only book I wrote. Lol. More will come but for now here is a book that walks you inot my past relationships, the mistakes I made and why I feel I was never meant to be in any of those relationships AT ALL!


I write… a lot!!!


Ok, so my blog is one of my favourite things on planet earth, it was my saving grace when I didn’t know what to do with my emotions. I mean, African homes aren’t the best when it comes to safe spaces. You think you are sharing your feelings, next thing you know they are being used against you.

Through this space I learnt how to listen to my feelings, go through the motions until I could articulate myself well enough to leave you with a lesson.

Check it out here!


Why you should look at each year with a positive eye

Happy new year to you my darlings! Guess who has another opportunity to chase their dreams and make them happen, yep, you and I. I am very excited for the year but I do want to talk about something we often overlook and has us grading our years as uneventful. Most...

Feeling Powerful Cause You Are Straight?

This post is inspired by Pose season 3. This show is excellent, it really tells the stories of the LGBTQIA+ community so well. There are struggles I already knew but watching the show opened my eyes to the amount of privilege that I live in. Simple things like if I...

I am Not Cut Out For Motherhood

I was watching The Bold Type season 4 episode 14 when I got the urge to write on this. Let me give you a little background so you understand how this all began. Sutton had just gotten married to her lover, Richard, a wedding that we had all been waiting for. A few...

Why men need to be more creative with their nudes.

Let’s talk about nudes. I love taking nudes, they make me happy and have been a part of my self-love journey. The day I stopped taking them for other people, I realized what a great tool they are when it comes to learning how to love your body. A friend of mine does...

Why maintaining individuality is important for your love life.

What an entitled human being I was back then, my word. Ok, let me address these issues one at a time but for context, you are going to need to read this blog post right here. Ok, open in a new tab and come back here. Here we go. First and foremost, I am willing to bet...

Why walking away is better than being the crazy girlfriend

Once upon a time, I was told a story about my grandmother. She found out that my grandfather was cheating with a young fine ting and she was not amused at all. She set out to the village where this girl stayed or did she lure her into coming to her? I can’t quite...

Why self-love is important for your weight loss journey

I have struggled to accept my body for a very long time, I am still learning how to love myself but today I am going to talk about the many times that I have tried to change my body using all kinds of methods that did not work. I wish I remembered the year but years...

Journal anyone?

If you have been here for a while you know I am an advocate for journaling. If you just arrived, now you know. Why am I an advocate? Because it helped me through tough times and I find it to be much cheaper than therapy. So I designed some journals that I felt best described what we go through as adults. Hope you like them too!