10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

I have conversations with myself a lot, when I say a lot I mean a lot! I will sit and ask myself a question and have a full blown conversation with both of me. When I was younger I would sit in front of the mirror because then, there really is 2 of me. one day my mother walked in on me and she did not understand why I was talking to myself. I will never forget the look on her face that day, she was shook!

I am about to encourage you to have conversations with yourself. You do not have to be as extra as I am with having it out loud. You can have it through a journal, in your mind or the best way, OUT LOUD!

Let me just put it out there that if you start doing the out loud thing you may get addicted and find yourself doing it in the streets. I am typing from experience, so sometimes I am not singing along to the song playing in my headphones, I am actually…. You get it. Here some conversations you need to have all on your own.

  • Are you finding your dream job or are you creating it?

    There is entrepreneur  pressure everywhere and if you ask me, it needs to stop because we not built the same. I hate being under someone else with all of me, I feel trapped so yes I love being an entrepreneur. But some have entrepreneur blood but are afraid because we were raised with the ‘get a job,’ mentality. Find your place, find the solution and act on it.

  • How are you, really?
  • So you have a hard time expressing your emotions to other people, or you have trust issues which I get because humans being do the most, that is ok. You do not have to take it the world, talk to yourself about your feelings. Figure out why you are feeling them and how you got there. Once you find the  root cause you will find the solution.
  • Who thinks you are the hottest thing on earth when you wake up?

    Honestly if the answer is not, ‘me,’ then we have a problem. You cannot sell something you do not believe in. How will the rest of the world feel the heat if you do not know that you are serving it? Please, do better. Fix that, NOW!

  • Why are you worth anyone’s time?

    You do know I am asking you to ask yourself what you are worth? All I know is you are worth the best of the best. I was going to type that crème de what what statement but then I do not want to embarrass myself. My point is once you know your worth you will place yourself correctly out in the world.

  • How do you treat people who can do nothing for you?

    I typed this and I froze because I wondered if we have relationships where we do no benefit from each other? Or is it always a give and take situation? Is that the unconditional love we speak of? Ok, I am going to go and have a conversation about this with myself because wow!

  • When was the last time you tried something new?

    Adventure is a part of self-care, I will be talking more on this in April as we run the Self-care challenge. For now, step into your world, is it colourful or dull? You know when they say YOLO, all they are saying is add some color in your life.

  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

    Whatever the answer is that is what you should be doing, you can go argue with the stars if you want. Failure is a part of the process, you cannot run from it. Jump out the safety net and risk it all!

  • What or who lights up your world?

    The what part makes it easier to answer questions on a first date, tell them what you love wena. Thatha! The who keeps you around the right people, conversation being had?

  • How would you behave if you were the best at what you do?

    You know who carries pride in what they do so well? Men. Whether they really are the best or not men will let you know they think they are the best. So I guess this one is a conversation we as women need to start having with ourselves. If I were the best, I do not think much would change about me, I hope not.

  • If there was a solution to anxiety, what would it look like?

    Min would look like a place with no humans, where I never knew humans, where I only know myself and food. Glorious food. Yours?

I hope you have a great time discovering how many personalities you own. In the mean time I am going to have a conversation about getting nothing from a relationship. CIAO!