Now that is out there, I have one question, are you in your own budget? Do you count yourself and the things you love? Or are you stuck in the idealogy that spending money on yourself is wasting money? Many people don’t seem to believe that you can save and still spoil yourself, for whatever reason these two cannot co-exist. Madness huh? Why are we working so hard if we cannot do the things we love with the money we make? What are we doing?

I say this out to the first born’s mostly, stop it. Stop abandoning yourselves for praise that only lasts a moment for you to sit alone and wallow still. You cannot dedicate your life to helping those around you whilst you are unhappy, you will fall into a pit that you might not crawl out of. It is ok to set boundaries, find a balance between yourself and whoever you would like to help. Give what you can!

DEPRIVING YOURSELF OF THE THINGS YOU WANT/LIKE LEADS TO UNHEALTHY FEELINGS – it starts off with watching people around living their life then you start admiring it all and wishing you had it too. Then you start to tell yourself that you do not deserve it because of ABC. That ABC represents non-existent reasons. Before you know it your envy turns to jealousy now you hate people that do not even know you exist because they took themselves out for lunch or a drink. Your jealousy creates a war within you, a war of unworthiness and lack. But are you really lacking though?

IT REDUCES STRESS – taking time out to do something for yourself takes things off your mind. That excitement that you got yourself a bottle of wine or a pair of shoes allows you to concentrate on yourself and brings happiness. You will find that if you had something bothering you before you will feel so much better afterward.

IT’S A MOOD BOOSTER – treating yourself takes you from gloomy to bubbly, it almost feels like there was an emptiness in you that you have filled. When you feel down just do the smallest thing for yourself, could be a meal or ice cream + a walk. Grab your favorite snack and sit in the park and just have time to yourself. Come back and tell me what happens.

IT HELPS YOU REJUVENATE – if you are a creative like me you know it gets crazy and there comes a time when you burn out. You do not want to engage in anything, you can barely get through your usual daily routine. Yep, you are starved of self-love. Schedule a weekend away from the weekend and take time to yourself. Relaxing will help you bounce back, if you treat yourself often you won’t burn out much either.

If you have been neglecting yourself then you need to change that immediately. It is not a bad thing to put yourself first from time to time. Start by working on changing that mentality and then actually act on it. Thank me later. CIAO!