5 Date Ideas You Need To Try

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 0 comments

I sat down one day and asked myself; what is a date? What is the purpose is of a date? This is time spent together to get to know each, to have a conversation and a laugh. My dumbass landed on food because all my dates revolve around food. Do not get it twisted, I love food and if you do not feed me then you are most definitely cancelled. You are out out!

So let’s have a date before a date, you understand? Let me help you out a little.

HIKING – I know someone who will fight me for this one because they hate hiking and do not consider it a date. Here me out, that time out breathing in the fresh air, walking through the wilderness and seeing animals (if there are any) is a memory you will cherish. You can close this off with a picnic under the shade, some cold dranks and yummy food!

CONCERT/SHOW – could be a comedy show or a concert of an artist that you both like. Time out to just be part of a crowd, laugh and dance is awesome. Another way to create memories; guys this life is about adventure and if you can do it with someone you love then go for it! Stop by your favorite food place after the show and munch away!

HORSEBACK RIDING – this always looks really great in the movies, the romance seems to flow from the couple into the horses as they gallop. If you are pros at this then a race would be fun too, otherwise the slow motion is great because you can have a conversation. Just try as much as you can not to fall off the horse (yes that is my biggest fear along with failing to get on the horse because height issues.)

INDOOR FASHION SHOW – this is totally for laughs and great for some bonding time. Wear each other’s clothes, model for each other, take videos and photos. You will totally laugh about it for a very long time. Laughter keeps you young honey! Please do not use these against each other if things turn sour, uncool!

PHOTOSHOOT – yes this is a date if you are doing it together. Themed or unthemed, this is awesome! I love stills because they tell a story, might as well start writing yours right away. Free tip: try not to make them perfect, let them tell the story of who you are together.

Story time! I went on a date with this one guy years back. He took me for a picnic in this beautiful park in Harare, I cannot remember what it is called. It was my first time there and I was ready to have a good time. We found a nice spot under a tree and we set everything up, he had bought all my favourite things including wine. If you know me you know wine is top 3.

We chilled, talked, had some wine. He played music on his phone ad we danced. Next thing we knew we had people watching us, I became too shy to continue so I pulled away. This is when everything took a left! As I went back to sit down, I felt my pants rip on the inner thigh.


Guys! I didn’t have the words for, “My pants just ripped, I need to change!” so I just sat through it. It was fine until we got into the car and he said we were going to meetup with friends for karaoke night. Longest night of my life!

The point is, picnics are nice. I feel like I deserve to be invited to you people’s weddings at this point. This is me shooting my shot. Am I winning?

Which of these do you think your person will enjoy? Leave a comment. CIAO!