There isn’t a more dangerous place you could ever place yourself than in the comfort zone. It always feels safer though to stay in the routine. You know what will come out of your routine, no risks and no fear comes out of it. Here is the interesting part though, even when we are in our comfort zone we yearn for more, we want better and bigger. We envision it and we fantasize about it, if only fantasies could bring themselves to life huh. If only we could pull things out of our imagination and place them in our reality, wouldn’t we all be living our best lives?

The danger of comfort was one of my biggest lessons in the year of 2019. If you are new to my blog then you may have missed this blog post where I talk about a major loss I went through together with 8 other women. After that loss I had one other client left but within that very week they pulled out because of the Xenophobia attacks that were happening in South Africa. And that was it, I had nothing left. I had to start from scratch and I guess I needed the lesson because it taught me this.


You start to tell yourself that you are fine where you are as long as you can do life the following day then that is great. You will find yourself settling for second best because it does the job. In a fast changing world, your skill set will always need to be furthered but comfort will tell you that you are fine where you are, what happens when it is not enough anymore? On most days it is fear that keeps you wrapped up in comfort. Fear to fail, but we fail so that we win.


The system often gets the blame for stagnation, we need to stop it. Yes the system in the entire world is a mess but then why are so many other people succeeding? Stop holding onto the one mistake your parents made many years ago, it happened now you can fix it. The anger in itself cages us to believe we belong where we are and it isn’t our fault. I tell you now it is your fault because your life is just that, your life. Do something.     


Comfort shapes you into who society says you are. So somewhere deep inside you the real you is reaching out but you won’t let them out because what you have always known feels better. It feels safer. But what it also does is it leads you into a dark place, the societal you isn’t all that happy and they know what is missing. Before you know it, you will resent not only yourself but the world around you. Guess who is about to land at point number 2?


When a challenge comes the first thing you want to do is run or die (dark but true). Difficulties take you out of your comfort zone because what it means is you have to do something differently. You have to tap into a new space and that alone is a nightmare, isn’t it? For every new and uncomfortable turn, you feel suffocated and instead of fighting for yourself you crawl into safety and accept your ‘fate.’ Imagine the number of opportunities comfort has you missing.


Ever met a person who agrees to anything and everything if and only if something is being done in a group setting? Did you just meet yourself? It feels like less of a risk if it is a group setting, if whatever it is fails then the blame can be spread around and that feels better. So you would rather that instead of standing alone. Your ideas could easily be implemented by other people and you just become part of the crowd that made it happen or not. Imagine becoming comfortable with the idea of cheering for your idea in the background, is that what you really want? 


I am sure by now you realize how dangerous this place is. If you sit back now and think of the dreams you had when you were younger, before life showed up at your doorstep and slapped you silly, are they the ones you are chasing now? We are our true selves when we are younger, yes direction may change a little but we never dream of a life where we live hand to mouth. But because fear cripples us and society cages us, we let the dreams fly and live life with a tank of ‘enough.’

I hope I have managed to change your mind about living comfortably. You deserve more, you deserve bigger and you can attain it all only if you allow yourself to step out of the comfort zone. The people you admire had the same fears but the only difference between you and them is that they tried. So challenge yourself to try. Failure is a lesson, not the end of the road.


Catch you next week with a blog post on how to get out of your comfort zone. CIAO      

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