7 Essential Oils That Help With Physical Pain

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

I called a very good friend of mine when I found myself stuck with this topic. I really wanted her to write the blog post because I mean why not? From the other side of the line, she said to me, ‘Dude how are you going to ask how to deal with physical pain. There is only one answer to that, you SLEEP.’ This ladies and gentlemen is a person I should trust with my life, her solution to most things is to sleep.

Illustration of a little boy sleeping on a white background

You have a hangover, go sleep. You are heartbroken, honey go and sleep. You wish for a vacation, go sleep, and dream about it. I mean, what? Why? I love her still but her suggestion wasn’t invalid, sleep is a good way to rest your body and bring it back to life. This, however, led me to do some more research on this issue and this is what I found.

Essential oils can be used to ease pain, chronic inflammation can be the cause of your pain therefore the use of oils with anti-inflammatory properties can help. These oils can be inhaled, used for massages, or ingested via capsules. It is advised that you consult with a physician before using essential oils as they can cause irritation.

What oils can you use to help ease physical pain? There are 9 options and these are:

  1. PEPPERMINT OIL –  Helps ease abdominal pain, bloating, tension headaches, and muscle aches.

  2. ROSEHIP OIL – This oil contains antioxidants and the dark blue pigment of many foods which help to reduce inflammation and joint pain.

  3. LAVENDER OIL – It is used by many to aid with sleep-related issues and anxiety but it has also been proven that inhaling this oil helps to relieve migraine pain. Lavender oil contains anti-inflammatory properties making it essential for physical pain relief.

  4. EVENING PRIMROSE OIL – Ladies this one is for you, this oil his used for breast pain and menstrual-related pain. I am definitely going to look for this one because, wow!  

  5. CLARY SAGE OIL – This oil belongs in the mint family and is often used in cooking and aromatherapy.  Mixing this oil with lavender and marjoram oils for massages is said to reduce the intensity and duration of period pains. It is also known to lower blood pressure, help with anxiety, and improve your mood.

  6. EUCALYPTUS OIL – Often infused in bath bombs and helps with physical pain as well as lowering blood pressure.

  7. JUNIPER BERRY OIL – Best known for wound healing and cancer biology, it is also said that this oil helps with metabolism and immune response.

So in addition to exercise and sleep, essential oils do help with physical pain. Most of these are also great for your skin, a glow-up must-have. Once in awhile treat yourself to a full body massage at the spa, it is both relaxing and healing. If you have more solutions on how to deal with physical pain then please, teach us right here, in the comment section. CIAO!