9 Ways To Be An Absolute Turn Off

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 0 comments

Want to know why they never came back to get some from you? Chances are you did one of the following and they canceled you. I probably would too, so fix it!

POOR HYGIENE – Sex is already sticky, stinky and sweaty, how are you going to be sticky, stinky and sweaty way before. Honestly! That’s a big turn off. Brush your teeth, wear roll-on, shave. In case you didn’t know pubes harbor sweat so…

RIPPING HER CLOTHES – It looks so sexy in the movies and in porn but in reality, it definitely ain’t it. Don’t do it, unless she instructs you to.

INTERRUPTIONS – Answering a phone call mid strokes is rude and it kills the mood. It’s a phone call, you can call back! Ignore your e-mail alert, the email will not disappear. Just, respect the next person PLEASE!

NO FOREPLAY – Fellas this one is for you. Foreplay is a need, is a must, is a recurring to-do item on your list. Keep in mind that women need to be turned on and their pleasure is in oral sex. So if you skip this, we are canceling your selfish ass!

NOT CUDDLING – If you have been taking part in the hit and run practice you are top 2 of the fools league and you definitely aren’t number 2. The cuddle is very important before you pass out or leave. It makes her feel like you are truly into her for her, not her pussy. A little kiss on the forehead and you are a winner!

UNPLANNED ANAL – This is not a fun surprise so do not fool yourself into thinking this will be great. Not everyone is for this and it requires mental & lube preparation. Talk to your partner first!

SUPRISE EJACULATION – Use your words, gentlemen, use your words! I can not stress this more.

SPRINGING FETISHES – Do not just stick your toe up someone’s anus because it turns you on without discussing this fetish with your partner. Honestly! Another surprise that might lead you into a bigger surprise.

CLEAN UP IS FOR TWO – This one is for the selfish gents. Grab a towel for the lady too after all you… Never mind. Just do the right thing.

Sex is amazing, don’t ruin it! That’s all from me today, but you have every right to pick it up from here in the comment section. CIAO!