I am embarrassed to have to state that most romantic relationships are merely reduced to an exchange of sex and money and, of course, other things in between; things that include wanting to be socially accepted, wanting to feel self-assured, or just being bored, inter-alia.

Almost all, if-not-all, of us indulge in relationships with a ‘what is in it for me’ attitude, we are adamant that relationships should serve us certain desires, otherwise they are a waste to our precious time. We come holding up the ‘me, me, me!’ poster. That is, we come selfishly hoping to feel loved, hoping to be met halfway financially, hoping to get laid, the list goes on, and its size differs based on individuals.

I, to some extent, blame this on the popular culture that continues to subtly endorse and perpetuate immoral things. Yes, it is on the most due to pop-culture that relationships are reduced to; sex and money. We are subconsciously or consciously, or even unconsciously (depending on one’s degree of ignorance) convinced that a healthy relationship is the one where the man is rich and the woman is ‘sexy’.

It’s okay to be rich and there is also nothing wrong with being ‘sexy’ but there is more to love than that. Not to sound jealous, but most of those pop-culture influenced relationships are façades, the couples are mostly miserable hence most of them don’t even last.

Here my friends is, at last, what a genuine romantic relationship is made of; the Agape love. This is (according to its original Greek meaning) Divine/God’s love, not to ‘sound’ cliché because most of us can’t comprehend God’s love, however we are made to understand that this is the love that is unconditional, the love that expects nothing in return, just loving someone because you love them, doing things for them without counting them, making everything about the next person and being prepared to sacrifice anything for them. Holistic trust, countless forgiveness and honesty follow the Agape love, then we can wrap that up in a box labelled a genuine relationship.

Matome Seketa


Matome Seketa is based in Tembisa but bred in Limpopo, Mohodi, South Africa. He is a wordsmith juggling around opinion pieces, features, profile articles and now blogging, doing all of that while working on another project that is coming soon. He says google him and you will find his work.@matome_sketa on twitter, Matome Seketa on Facebook 

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