Cultivating healthy habits and staying disciplined, chile that is the one thing that you continue to learn every single day. Today I would like to preach to my fellow impulse buyers, we need to heal from this deadly disease and we need to do it now! My biggest weakness is clothes, jumpsuits if I am being specific, a girl could never enough jumpsuits in her closet. I often leave the house with a list of things I need to get for myself but the well displayed windows in the mall sing to my heart and unfortunately I answer. I don’t always want to but the resistance is very very low.

We need to try this thing that other people do, its called STICKING TO THE PLAN! I am only shouting because I want it to stick in my head too. I am trying, I promise you I am but something needs to be done about those windows. The last two times I was out at the mall, I managed to stick to the plan and I think that’s cause part of the list included things I really wanted. So that could be the trick, include one or two things that you really want and shop for those too. Listen, we may need a support group to figure this one out, who is with me?

I also want to say a word to my fellow procrastinators, yes please do gather around the pit fire. You and I, we suffer from one problem, we think we have superpowers. We think we can squeeze 3000 things in that one day we think we will have the energy to do the work. Then when the day comes we are flooded with anxiety, it cripples us, we cry and then we once again get nothing done. I do this with pitches, I always do them at the last minute and sometimes I wonder how I get the jobs because it always feels like a mess to me. I need to do better regardless.

I work with a to-do list that I prepare a night before, I find that it helps me to mentally prepare for the day. By the time I wake up, I kinda have the energy to do what I need to do. This, however, doesn’t work with pitches and I figured its more to do with the fear of writing and getting rejected. So I wait till the last minute so I can tell myself, ‘well it wasn’t good anyway cause I wrote it in a rush.’ one day this behaviour will cost me a very good opportunity and I need to do better. I have been battling the fear of rejection all my life, heck we all are, but I say we do not have to allow it to rule over us the way it does.

I am committing to better shopping habits and defeating this fear. I want to say I have a unique solution to this but I do not, I am really walking into the field and winging it. I might even start doing Instagram stories when I go shopping with the list before I leave home and during the things….. Lovely thought but I live in SA my phone will get snatched trying to play cute. Blog post it is. I will let you know if I find a routine that absolutely works. For now, I give you nothing but my word, which might be broken. CIAO!



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