Do You Know And Understand Your Sexuality

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‘Its either you are heterosexual or homosexual, period!’ That ladies and gentleman is the sound of the old me who turned a blind eye on reality. My blind eye could have possibly won me a black eye after offending someone by simply addressing them wrong. Asking the next person’s sexuality is definitely “top 2 questions that NEED to be asked!” I assure you after reading this you will understand why I am saying this.

HETEROSEXUAL – This is for them people that say, ‘I am straight!’ People who are attracted to the opposite sex.

HOMOSEXUAL – The category for the gay and the lesbians. So basically the female to female attraction and male to male attraction.

AUTOSEXUAL – This refers to people who are attracted to themselves! The attraction is so strong they can only have sex with themselves, in other words, they masturbate a lot lot!

They are attracted to intelligence…

AROMANTIC – This refers to people who are not romantically attracted to anybody but they can be sexually attracted. You know when people say, ‘its just sex,’ I imagine this is were these people fall in.

GYNEROMANTIC – This is defined as a romantic attraction to people who identify as female irregardless of their gender.

OMNISEXUAL – These are people who do not prefer one gender over another, they can be attracted to anyone. (Keeping in mind that an Agender is a person who identifies as having no gender. So you can not refer to them as he/she. )

PANSEXUAL – They are very similar to omnisexuals, however they are gender-blind.

BIROMANTIC – This is when one is romantically attracted to both men and women. The key word here is ‘romantically.’

DEMISEXUAL – Refers to people who can not have sexual attraction to a person without having an emotional/romantic bond.

ASEXUAL – Right here we have those people that don’t feel any sexual attraction to anyone. At all! However they are capable of having healthy relationships.

GYNECOPHILIA – An attraction to femininity. The femininity can appear in men or in women and bam, a spark.

BISEXUAL – We all know this one, when one is sexually attracted to both men and women. Let me just put it out there that just because one identifies as bisexual doesn’t mean they are attracted EVERYONE.

SAPIOSEXUAL – This refers to people who are sexually attracted to intelligence. Get your thinking cap on!

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